Mission & Vision Statement                        



Mission Statement
In accordance with the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20), we are committed to maintaining the integrity of God's word and transforming lives by sharing the love of Jesus Christ, strengthening His church, and reaching out to all people.


Vision Statement
We the people of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, in accordance with our mission, envision:


Encounters with God that resonate with his presence in such a way that lives are transformed in the experience. The church also envisions a multitude of believers who passionately pursue a private and corporate love relationship with God. We see everything we do as an act of worship.

A continual effort to share the gospel with all people in a manner that reflects the love of Christ. We see an ever-expanding body of believers drawn by our intentional, compassionate, on-going presentation of the good news of Jesus Christ.

An increase in spiritual development and our ability to minister to holistic needs. We see an ever-expanding ministry organism that is healthy in every aspect of kingdom responsibilities.

A 100% tithing church that protects, nurtures, and multiplies that which God has entrusted to us.

Administration and Ministry Development:
A church that effectively operates as a systemic body. Our high level of efficiency will be evidence of our passion for excellence in ministry.

Community Outreach and Missions:
A Church that is sensitive to and responds to the needs of its neighbors and the world. We will reach out to bring others to spiritual and social well-being.

Christian Education and Discipleship:
A church guiding believers to mature discipleship and equipping them for ministry through continual learning of biblical principles. We also envision comprehensive learning experiences fulfilling all spiritual growth needs resident in the body.

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